PV Generation Hosting Capacity in Dominican Distribution Grids – Full study available in English now

The Energy Transition Project published the results of the study “PV Generation Hosting Capacity in Dominican Distribution Grids” now available in english. This was financed through the Energy Transition Project and was in charge of the German consultancy with extensive international experience, Energynautics.  The execution of this initiative was possible thanks to the support of GET.transform (www.get-transform.eu).

To produce these results, 12 representative circuits of the companies EDESUR, EDENORTE and EDEESTE were selected, with which, through specialized simulation and analysis tools, the ability of the distribution network to operate safely with different levels of photovoltaic penetration was determined. In all the cases studied, the technical limit supported by the networks exceeded 15%. In the case of urban areas, the boundaries are estimated between 75% and 150%. For rural areas, the boundaries are between 25% and 75%.

Among the recommendations made by the study is to increase the current limit to 25% in rural areas and 50% in urban areas, taking advantage of a variety of technical measures that would increase penetration limits and updating regulatory considerations concerning distributed generation.

To validate the results and recommendations of the study, a review committee was created composed of representatives of the different institutions of the sector: the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the National Energy Commission (CNE), the Superintendency of Electricity (SIE), the Dominican Corporation of State Electricity Companies (CDEEE), and the State Distribution Companies (EDEESTE , EDESUR and EDENORTE), and the GIZ.

PV Generation Hosting Capacity in Dominican Distribution Grids – Final Report